Man has always pursued the understanding of the complex phenomena of Nature with the aim of improving his own well-being but also to preserve the natural resources for future generations; that’s why the challenge of engineering and architecture can only consist today in generating works always better able to exploit the enormous power of Nature in a reversible manner, by applying and integrating scientific and humanistic knowledge.

The focus in researching, developing and using cutting-edge tools conjugated to the different disciplines of Architecture and Engineering is the primary objective of ArchLivIng.
The approach to the project is based precisely on integration: the synergies of human resources, our 30 experts with an average age under 35 years, and the process management enable the achievement of high quality standards in the development of solutions that meet the needs of the Customer, respect Nature and encourage a conscious development.

The project integration is not a simple overlapping of different layers, but a dynamic interaction, where the change/implementation of each phase of the project has an impact on others simultaneously. Such dynamism is realized during the implementation of works, ensuring highly aesthetical, functional, structural and energy performances, with the lowest consumption of economic and energy resources because the construction is done on time and within the identified budget.




We live the architectural design as a creative process that starts from an in-depth sharing of the needs of the public and private purchasers. It is, then, by the contribution of the various competences in the regulatory, technological, scientific, sociological, artistic fields that we reach the goal of giving a concrete and tangible form to the ideas that fully satisfy our customers.

1.Architectural and urban design

2.Feasibility studies

3.Plans of reconstruction

4.Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment

5.Stage and Technical Management

6.Urban development from the perspective of the Smart City


Our experience on structures based on participation in the reconstruction after the earthquakes in Irpinia (1980), L’Aquila (2009) and Emilia Romagna (2012). The research and development sector allows us to follow linear and non-linear approaches in the dynamic analysis of structures, to investigate aspects of the site through the analysis of local seismic response, to use complex computing software for the analysis of nodes and construction details such as bearing components of bridges and dissipative or insulating devices.

1.Seismic calculations of traditional structures (both new and historical), masonry, concrete, precast and steel buildings

2.Structural seismic design with dissipation and/or isolation devices

3.Geotechnical design with particular reference to deep and special foundations

4.Design of  interventions of liquefaction mitigation

5.Monitoring of structural interventions using strain gauges and accelerometers

6.Design of special works such as bridges, dams, landslides, high-rise buildings


Saving of resources, the respect for the environment and the safety of the places where we live and work are pursued by us via the conception of buildings’ automation systems and through the management of all the processes related to the fulfillment of the work . We approach the design, construction supervision, coordination and testing of the works taking care of the technological details in order to optimize time and costs of implementation and operation.

1.Diagnosis and energy audits

2.Allocation of apartment-building charges for heating and DHW production

3.LEED certification

4.Design of Civil and Industrial HVAC systems

5.High Energy Performing Building Design

6.Design of RES systems: solar, wind and biomass

7.Engineering approach to the analysis of fire risk

8.Analysis of the life cycle of materials

9.Designing of cogeneration, geothermal, hydrothermal and aerothermic systems

10.Design of industrial systems


We perform non-destructive investigations with the aid of cutting-edge tools and technologies thanks to the support of various testing certified laboratories on the territory, thermographic investigations in the construction sector (thermal bridges and insulation levels), in the electricity sector (verification/inspection/examination/check/control of  switchboards) and for the identification of structures (analysis of floors and facades), thermo-flowmeter investigations to determine the thermal transmittance, dynamic analysis of structures with accelerometer networks and specific software, ultrasonic and sclerometer investigations, 3-D mapping with laser scanner.

1.Topographic surveys

2.Measurements of acoustic climate

3.Thermographic surveys

4.Thermo-flowmeter surveys

5.Analysis and parameters testing of network and electrical installations

6.Control  of electricity consumption

7.Parameters testing of power plants (solar, co-generation, etc.).



To ensure the proper execution of works, in respect of time and costs, we apply the most effective techniques of Project Management and Cost Management, with the help of process control software, which enable us to constantly monitor the activities and procedures. We are equipped with a sector dedicated to tenders and public procedures. The many years of experience in managing professional partnerships make us the ideal partner for Building Contractors and Professional Studies which wish “to team up” and face multidisciplinarly the world of the tasks assigned by local , national and international Authorities. The help of BIM permits to fully perform the interdisciplinary integration during the design and run-time phases allowing the management of time, costs and objectives of the works to be executed.

1.Project Management

2.Program Management

3.Cost Management

4.Technical and economic feasibility study

5.Risk management

6.Health and Safety Executive



          According to Article 153 of Legislative Decree 163/2006, the Public Administrations can involve private customers for the realization of public utility works, through formulas of Project Financing or Public-Private Partnership (PPP).

We propose ourselves both as partners of the project, along with contractors and financing bodies, and as a support to the Sole Project Manager for the project validation.

We are, in fact, certified for the verification activities of the projects for validation, with the aim of monitoring the completeness of the project, the adequacy of prices and minimize the risk of variations and vouch for the work subcontract.


The relationship with Universities is essential for ArchLivIng that has long been collaborating with the Departments of Engineering of the University of Ferrara, the University of Naples Federico II, the University of Padua and the University of Pisa.



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